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 Bay Area Machinist Continues Successful Partnership with Vahana, Providing Custom Parts for Test Equipment and Full-Scale Aircraft

With highly specialized, milled parts, created in collaboration with FlightHouse Engineering, Vahana drives towards a first flight by year-endHayward, CA - August 15, 2017 – Bay Area Machinist, a full-service machine shop serving the aerospace and medical device industries, continues its successful partnership with Vahana, an by Airbus project, and FlightHouse Engineering to develop and service test equipment and full-scale parts for the groundbreaking aircraft. Launched in 2016, Vahana is an electric, self-piloted vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) passenger aircraft that intends to open up urban airways. The project is progressing towards a full-scale test flight by the end of 2017.

“At Vahana we’re hyper-focused on efficiently developing our aircraft. This puts a heavy reliance on our partners to think critically about the work we’re doing and where improvements can be made,” said Zach Lovering, Project Executive, Vahana. “To that end, working with Bay Area Machinist has brought immense value to the project. Their team consistently delivers on time, and their parts are always of the highest quality. But beyond just delivering parts, they consistently provide a second look at ways we can save both time and money as we build the future of flight.” Founded in 2015, Bay Area Machinist specializes in 3-axis computer numerical controlled (CNC) milling for the aerospace and medical device industries. Team members maintain an in-depth knowledge of mechanical engineering methodologies and machining techniques, with the ability to apply them to achieve key project objectives.  “After over 30 of years building parts for aircraft, and having worked with the Vahana team for over a year now, it has become clear that Airbus is a leader in the personal aircraft sector,” said Bob Hegdahl, Founder and Principal Owner, Bay Area Machinist. “The approach Vahana has taken, their efforts to collaborate, and their fast, clearly-defined process is like no other company with which I've been involved. It's been a great experience for my company, and I believe mass production of this aircraft will happen in my lifetime, and I'm proud to have played a part.”
This partnership requires a great deal of collaboration with FlightHouse Engineering, an Oregon-based firm specializing in the design of unmanned aircraft systems. They have worked with Vahana since July 2016 to design and manufacture the composite airframes for the demonstration vehicles.
“While there are many sources for machined parts, there are few that can match the level of expertise and skill that Bob and his team bring,” said Calder Hughes, Co-Founder, FlightHouse Engineering. “FlightHouse relies on our partnership with Bay Area Machinist to help us meet the challenging performance, cost, and schedule requirements of projects like Vahana.”
About Bay Area MachinistBay Area Machinist is a full-service machine shop serving the medical device and aerospace/UAV industries located in Hayward, California. Since 2015, Bay Area Machinist has provided an expertise in the areas of machine shop management and CNC machine operation and setup, while maintaining exemplary standards of safety, quality, accuracy, and attention to detail. For more information, visit
About VahanaVahana is an electric, self-piloted VTOL aircraft being developed by , the advanced projects outpost of Airbus in Silicon Valley. The Vahana team is made up of passionate and restless experts in aircraft design, manufacturing, electric propulsion, vehicle autonomy, and aircraft certification. The project aims to solve urban mobility by moving from the beltways to the airways. For more information, visit

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